Gold II


“Nature’s first green is gold
Her hardest hue to hold”

Frost, right?
And ,yes, he was right.

Only a poets heart
could spin out the Truth of Everything
In just two lines

And then the ultimate fate of that truth,

” Nothing gold can stay”

So with one of my very first favorite poems
I awake to the message that has always been there…
Always will.

That the gold in life is rare and fickle,
Spontaneous and elusive. Even hard to recognize when right in front of you.

But only a fool would pass up the golden opportunity that comes unexpected and late
In ones life.

Especially when she has spent most of her lifetime denying the possibility of it
ever existing in her own. And that gold is in the form of being in Love, with a man,
With life again, and the promise of adventure!

So..Damn the Torpedoes, thars gold in them hills, and This goldilocks has Bear spray!
This was written by me in 2014.

Three years later, I have realized over and over again, how truly lucky I have been to have Larry and travel the states in our Airstream, with our salty dog Rex.

The true weight of suffering that so many of us feel as a part of this world can spin you around and suck the joy out of you so fast if you don’t recognize it and then do what you can. But from a person who wandered most of her life in a depression induced fog,
I can now say this: Rare and fickle, spontaneous or elusive. I see it now. The golden hue of life. The aura that is a positive life force. The halo that is love. And, lastly, but not least…the radiance that is our sentient planet.

And it is Beautiful beyond description.


Things I miss most

there is nothing that I’ve ever done in my life that is quite as exhillerating as traveling this country with my Handsome man and my scruffy dog, AND it all being comfortably augmented by the best ‘ home’ ever….(!) The Airstream!!!

but, if I were to form a list of things that I definaitly miss, it would look like this:

my loved ones faces, looking into their eyes, sharing hugs.

my loved ones voices. Being involved in their daily lives.sharing news.

a big hot tub bath. Ahhhh! Nothing like a soak, in a clean scented bathroom. Ladies, never under appreciate this one!our showers (only)are at camps that have them, and for the most part, they are barely functional and not very clean affairs.

ok. I do miss some TV. We have a Telly in the Airstream, but getting signals are rare and have low selection of programming.


i guess that about completes the list. I DO NOT miss the humidity that the west is blissfully free of. And I don’t miss the media coverage of all the bad news everywhere.

l missed not being at Larry Daughtrys wake, Dana’s wonderful get togethers, my sweet puppy faces and kisses.( Oh,how me being out of their lives makes me cry sometimes…..)

but out here I see free roaming Tonka! ( bison ). And the graceful Elk. Funny prairie dogs, marmots. Regal Hawks, Eagles.

…and my Handsome one’s faces and smiles! All else is just beautiful backdrop!😊

going to the Tetons!

One of my very favorite places! Then on to Glacier, back down through Idaho to Oregon and my most favorite coast!

Wind up at Monteray and pebble beach for a  week long wedding reception. Whee!

Rex says it best: Woof! ( life is good🐶)

We were meant to be here


Just finished a thick steak grilled under the silky blue skies of Utah.

A couple of cold beers, and my handsome one is loading up the fire logs just the way he likes them….

The full moon is just rising above the forrest canopy. And after a day of sitting in the morning sun till the coffee is gone, then casually rambling the countryside, in and out of the car, we are as listless as two moths hypnotized by the flames.

But we’ve laughed! So so much to laugh at even with just ourselves, the Rex dog and the deep woods all around us.
Are we insulated? Most certainly. Spoiled to sleeping late and hearing the bird’s song as our only alarm? Yes!

Yes, we are most certainly insulated, and spoiled to any other lifestyle… to the point of there is ONLY this day, this place,and this life!

Anyone, who reads this, and I hope at least one soul will, I would wholeheartedly encourage you to buy a traveling home and hit the road. Now.

All that STUFF, (BS), that you thought was so important, all the belongings(BS), the connections and hook ups(BS) all things but the longest and sweetest of relationships melt away into the foggy past. And you find yourself with the one message that you hear and see and Know wherever it is that you wake up that day…..We Were Meant To Be Here!

What a rush it is just to have that.😊


Two days ago I saw a herd of about a hundred female elk and their babies out on a plain of grass. This moraine, or plain between mountains, has a fast running, fifteen ft wide river flowing through the middle of the area. No more than a mile wide and about three miles long, it seemed a beautiful place to watch the Elk with their babies grazing in the sun and then resting in the shade.
There were no fences in the national park save for just a few put out around the young Aspen and Willow groupings on this small moraine. The park service did this to protect some of the trees from being over grazed.
The largest of maybe ten such enclosures crossed through the lake on both sides and stretched about a hundred yards around. Trapezoid or square shaped, the lead female Elks always guided the herd around the enclosures that dotted the land scape.

I always looked for the herd when we went walking or hiking, and they were always there, this being their time to calve and be out of the mountains where it was still cold.

But then two days ago as I came around a hiking trail above the moraine. I could see that the Elk were running. Which you never see large body animals do in the heat of the afternoon unless there is danger. The herd was moving as one one, their stronger position, and then suddenly they split off into two panicked herds and then three.
There was all out panic, but I could not see what in the tall grass that was chasing them.
I may never know, possibly coyotes.
When herds of ungulates are attacked they run. It’s the only defense that they have. That and kicking out their back legs. I saw some of that happening.

The separated elks just ran, and became more separated, the water was too fast for the calves, and the the worst was the fences, mothers got separated from babies, the herd was now in a perfect kill zone.
And I, less than a forth of a mile away, fatigued and injured from my knee getting too much of a workout. I could do nothing. Nothing but watch the horror opening up in front of me. Hearing the bleating of frightened and motherless calves. Listening to the panicked mothers Screaming.
Hot and exhausted, grown elk fell into the cold water. Some lay prone where they went down from heat exhaustion. Groups had run off into the surrounding mountains. Some seemed trapped between fences from others and cried for help.
It was devastating to witness.
This thing that we so casually refer to as the ” Circle of life”.

I heard elk bleating all evening until I went to bed
The next morning I got up early and walked around the side of camp to where you could see from up high, most of the moraine. Empty.
Except for one. One mother who was still pacing the plain. Alone. Looking for her calf who she will never find. Calling for her baby. Over and over.
I will never have that sound out of my head or heart.

There is so much joy that I have experienced on these trips with Larry. So much beauty.
I try to say that to you all, and send pictures of what I see. But this….I need to tell the people who love me this story.

Thank you for reading

Send Moisterizer, Quick!

Out here in New Mexico the wind blows. A lot. And under your feet there are pebbles that lead to rocks that then lead to boulders, and then sometimes on to snow capped mountains. Lots of cactus. And red earth ,or yellow colored earth, or just brown, but lots of it. I don’t think that I recall ever seeing so much exposed earth. So,what with that wind that I mentioned before, in times when there is no snow on the ground, the ground is, for the most part, airborne. Dusty, dry, windy. ACHOO!

ok, if you like rock walls or canyons, odd colored buttes that slope like your first homemade layer cake, then you can come do what so many others do….Oooohhhh and aaaahhh and paint them, or take lots of pictures trying for the perfect composition. But I’ve been in the state almost a coupla weeks, and I’m ready to move on. There can only be so much dirt and gravel and scrubby junipers, or sagebrush before one is dying for anything but. Did I mention that there is an UNGODLY amount of cactus?

Georgia O’Keefe, armed with what we painters call ‘Artistic License’ ,immortalized the place.
Kit Carson tracked all over its rugged and inhospitable face. And way before the Spanish and English deemed it good enough to send settlers and missionary’s, the Pueblo peoples saw something here worth mortaring their smooth, thick walled homes to break the relentless wind, for.

Now I’ve been to some rocky places, I Love Sedona, the Grand Canyon and dozens of other rocky mt. cliffhangers,
But I was somewhat disappointed by what I have seen traveling from southern NM to the north.
Yes, there have been some bright spots of beauty, but not enough to make up for the scrappy, dusty, near inhospitable place that the rest of the state seems to be. Of course, the two males traveling with me like it just fine. And there it is….I suspect that they both are part goat. If ever I saw goat country, this is it. Achoo.

The Coast-ess with the Most-ess?

Hello from sunny Florida! We are here and back in the Airstream before all the spring breakers.

Larry has finagled us spots at two of the finest state park camps in the vicinity. And, yes, I am very appreciative. But just when did these parks get all these RULES to be followed? Do not walk on dunes. Do not walk your dog over here. No alcohol permitted ( inside your camper is fine), and on and on….geez!

Im just realizing the reason Larry likes to boonedock. Off the grid. Fresh air, freedom. Life a little outside the constantly constricting box. Maybe less amenities, but hey, you don’t find yourself shaking off the feeling that your lost in Stepford Land.

Heres to America. Land of the free. Tongue in cheeks respectfully.



The motes in the air in a pocket of light
Against the distant velvet mountains
Under fluffy clouds of white

The river runs through it
As the sun glides above
As I stride over grasses
As soft as a dove

……and stickers, thorn bushes , Horse, Elk, Bison poop, slippery rocks, crumbly talus trails, narrow paths over wide open cathedral-like canyons, willow lined banks of incredibly clear rivers, meadows of flowers that are all the colors you love. Flashes of antlers and then hoof prints across your own foot print. Big headed bison walking slowly, swaying down one lane of a two lane road. Hummingbirds zipping by you so often that you feel like you must be invisible just to be allowed in such company. Etc. etc. etc.

Roll the pics…



image  Thanks to my Larry.  Love, Leslie




You do not have to be good.
You do not have to walk on your knees
For a hundred miles through the desert, repenting.
You only have to let the soft animal of your body
love what it loves.
Tell me about despair, yours, and I will tell you mine.
Meanwhile the world goes on.
Meanwhile the sun and the clear pebbles of the rain
are moving across the landscapes,
over the prairies and the deep trees,
the mountains and the rivers.
Meanwhile the wild geese, high in the clean blue air
are heading home again.
Whoever you are, no matter how lonely,
the world offers itself to your imagination,
calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting —
over and over announcing your place
in the family of things.

Author Unknown by this author.

I have been unwise.

Cut free of duties and obligations, I’ve felt that I would blossom from the freedom

And be less sad for the world, myself.

I felt that I would have no one to answer to. But I forgot that I need to answer to myself.

Whoever She is.

Now I know why. Or believe that I do.

I have still indulged this fear in my heart. Fear of being unlovable. Fear of being abandoned.

And in the misrule that ensues from that fear, progress has been waylaid. I’ve failed to fully hear the call of Love and Freedom and take it into myself as real.

I have failed to learn trust. And believe that I have expected only to lose.

My place in the family of things….

Where is it now when I have failed to solidify that homing device in my heart?

Maybe, just maybe,

I should start with forgiveness. For my own blunders and for others.

Stop testing the waters, so to speak, constantly. And TRUST?

Stop Looking for justification for my life, and pouting when it is not handed to me on a silver platter every time.

Let the reins go…

And start loving what is right in front of me, at this moment in time, without these old restraints…